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Welcome to Many Waters

The phrase “Many Waters” comes from Revelation 1:15. The apostle John had been through terrible persecution, abandoned by man and sentenced by the government to live on an isolated island until his death. But in his darkest hour John records his greatest message to the Body of Christ which will go out to the last day’s believers. While in prayer the Spirit of The Lord begins to move; from behind him John hears His (Jesus) voice...."as the sound of many waters."

  • Confused?
  • Feeling Abandoned?
  • Let down by man?

Today Jesus Christ comes to us with His voice that over powers all. . .

I'm Ray Bensch, President and Founder or Many Waters. I pray this web site is a source you can draw life from and gain courage. I pray your faith grows, your fight returns and through inspiration you find here you begin to hear HIM whose "voice is as the sound of Many Waters!" There is nothing like Him! He is Jesus Christ! He is Lord! He is King!

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