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Ray's Family
Ray's family (from left to right): Daughter-in-law — Maggie, Son — Nathan, Daughter — Kendra, Son-in-law — Wade, Ray and his wife Janine.

Ray Bensch founded Many Waters International Ministries in September of 2004 after 19 years of discipleship, training and waiting on God. Ray was born again in the summer of 1985, a few months later the Lord Jesus visited Ray during an afternoon Bible study and spoke to his heart saying "I want you to teach". From that day until September of 2004 he worked and waited on the Lord in order to prepare himself as a gospel minister.

Ray is a college graduate, earning his BS from Central Michigan University. He has completed three years of Bible training at Supernatural Ministries Training Institute (SMTI) in Midland, MI. He has been an ordained minister since 1993 and has traveled to numerous local churches in and out of the United States teaching the word of God.

Ray is known for his heart to serve in the ministry of helps and worked on the staff of his Pastor, Dr. Mark Barclay for over 13 years. He is born again, Spirit filled and ready to be used "in season and out" in order to teach believers how to get involved in what the Lord is doing today.

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