Work Ethic – Book


Being a Christian provides the greatest life in the world! Words literally cannot describe all that Jesus Christ does in a person’s life. While none of us earns nor deserves the blessing of God there are things we must do in order to put certain blessings into action. When Jesus called Peter, James and John they were working as fishermen. Mathew was working as a tax accountant. Similarly, Moses and David were working with the sheep. Elisha was plowing with oxen. One common theme among all of these and the many others God used is they had an excellent work ethic. Come study an often-forgotten secret that might just change your life. Rev. Ray Bensch teaches and testifies on the pages of this book revealing forgotten truths that men and women of God possessed throughout the scriptures.

Come study the Bible, have your faith built and hear faith-filled testimonies as you read “Work Ethic: Traits God Uses To Build Your Future”